Rooted Youth

Knowing Christ and Making Christ known || Collosians 2:7

The vision of Rooted is "Knowing Christ and making Christ known." Through this we understand that there is no greater purpose than glorifying God through our actions, thoughts and intents. God's desire is to reveal Himself through us to a broken and destitute world. God is most effectively and increasingly "made known" through us as we get to "know" Him deeper and as we become trasformed into His likeness. We believe that this vision is most effectively achieved through a biblical model for youth and children's ministry found in the Great Commission passage in:

Matt. 28:19-20

  • Go - The command to "go" means to go beyond the limits of our own comforts and experiences in order to reach those in need of the hope of the gospel.
  • Community - An essential element in the process of becoming disciples of Christ, is to form part of a community of faith. It is through community that we are strengthened and built up in our faith.
  • Teach - Actively teach biblical truth, values and worldview. It is through teaching that we grow in knowledge of God and of His will in our lives.
  • Worship - God created us to worship Him and to bring glory to His name.


Ian & Elma Gadneyt

LRMI International Coordinators